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12 January 2007 @ 03:28 pm
New York Part 2  
Yes, I'm finally going to finish my NYC tales ;P
After some memory-triggering....

January 1 was the only day with bad weather we had on our trip. It was drizzling, cold and foggy. Since the weather would be disturbing on any of the plans we had left for the trip, we decided to not care and go downtown to see some more of the city. First, we went to Greenwich, which was a welcome break from the skyscrapers. Still, I liked Soho a lot more, whcih is where we went after. Soho, for me, was that image of New York I recognized from movies and series when something wasn't about the skyline. The red brick houses and fire escape stair were really charming. Afterwards, we went to Chinatown, which sucked... You couldn't do a single step without beind accosted: 'DVDs', 'Purses', 'Backrubs',...
We decided pretty soon to call our downtown exploration off and return to the hotel so we could change (we were wet, despite our umbrellas). We went by Grand Central, which was also on our list of things to see. They had a lightshow going on for the holidays, which was nice enough.
Back in the hotel, Michi and Tobi went for some Subways and Olga arrived with her boyfriend while they were gone. She brought some wine and pastries, but we decided to go out some more, before we spent the rest of the day holed up.
We went towards 5th Avenue, our first stop, the Apple store. Despite its architecture, it doesn't have much to offer, though. Sadly, the famous toys shop next to it was closed, so we continued on down the 5th. When we were inside the Trump Tower, Olga's boyfriend had to leave, so it was just the four of us for the rest of the night.
We went to Times Square, desperately looking for a place to grab some pizza, since Olga had told me so much about the amazing NYC pizza ;P
Well, we couldn't find any and ended up at the hotel again, having a glass of wine before Olga had to leave.