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25 January 2007 @ 06:04 pm
Random, VM and NYC  
Yesterday, I realized that there are two expressions I really love. 'Whatever, bitch' and 'piece of shit'. I'm not sure what kind of person that makes me, but I just love the sound of those. Especially, when Olga says 'Piece of shit' in that fake snobbish voice, it's hilarious! It's strange I haven't used them in fics already...
Well, the stuff you think about when spending almost 5 hours stuck in a car in a snow chaos.
Today's Michi's birthday and I sent her a hilarious greeting card ;P And I came as close to one of my favorites as I could get, by wishing her a 'happy birthday, bitch!' ;P
Anyway, fanfic. I finally continued the 'finger in my pie' sequel and got a bit further along. I'm wondering whether I should make it a one shot or multi-parter... hm
I also had a new WIP idea, but I'm not sure if I can pull it off alone... we'll see. But I love the idea, full of mystery, twists and turns. Yummy.
Another random and strange thing: today was the first time I realized that Francis Capra actually is in the season 3 credits. Well, I guess JD always made me swoon and I blinked when Francis came on *shrugs*

On to the rest of the NYC tale:

Jan 2, we finally, finally made it to the Empire State. Since the sign at the entrance said it was only 1,5 hrs waiting time (before, it had always been 2 hrs + when we passed) we decided to go in. Well, the sign lied. So, after 4 hours of royally sucking waiting time in a place you weren't allowed to at least sit on the floor for fire regulations, we made it to the observatory. What a letdown. Okay, so you get to see the city from above, Whoohoo. All I saw was dirty roofs with AC or water reservoirs on it. The skyline from a boat is sooo much better.
When we left again, it was already mid-afternoon and we were hungry. We found a Pizza place (haha...) and had some rather mediocre pizza...
After that, we decided to stop by Madison Square Garden, okay, not much to see, but well... and then went on to the United Nations. This was my highlight of the day so far. First, I love the building even though it may not seem that impressive. Second, I got to sing the national anthem under our flag. Heh. Third, they have a great view on the riverside. But the most important reason is fourth, the meditation room. I first read about this room in Katherine Neville's 'Eight', my favorite book ever. I read it about 10 times. So, seeing this room for real... it was awesome.
The sun was already setting when we left so we hurried back to the hotel to change and went to see Rent, w00tw00t! I'm not sure if we were extreme assholes, but when we arrived at the theater, there was a big line that we simply bypassed. We didn't know if it was for tickets or the line of people with tickets, so we went passed and entered without having to wait.
The show was awesome! At first, I was bummed when Roger came on stage, because I had wanted to see Cary Shields so much. But the new Roger? Has a VOICE, people! His tunes alone made me swoon, and I soon forgot that he so didn't look like Roger ^_- Mark was amazing, as well as Mimi and Maureen. The only one that didn't sit right with me was Collins. He had a good voice and everything... I guess it was the looks. What was really annoying was that some guy in the row behind me had to comment everything that happened on stage. >_< That made me so mad, but he just wouldn't shut up. Also, 3 cellphones rang. Why can't people just shut their damn phones off? Otherwise, the show was amazing.
We were very tired when it was over, so we grabbed a small bite and returned to the hotel. We had to get up early the next day, because...
...we started January 3 with a morning helicopter flight! This was great for many reasons. First, the security guy was so funny! He teased Tobi mercilessly about traveling with 2 girls, then told him that we're gonna leave him soon when Tobi admitted to already being broke ;P Also, the flight itself was amazing. Not so much for the view, mostly for the flying itself. I'm not much of a plane fan. I'm not afraid of flying or anything, I just have no passion for it. But flying in a heli is totally different! Being able to stay still in the air must be the coolest feeling ever! I want to take heli flying lessons!!!
The next stop was the big lady herself. Also, much better from afar. The statue had looked quite impressive when we had circled her on the boat, but close up, not so much... At least we found some great pictures in battery park that we bought. That night, we met Olga again at Macy's, where we got some make-up. Michi actually wanted to buy the gloves she'd seen, but they were out of stock in her size. After Macy's, we went to Victoria's Secret. They had a sale going on and it was packed. Also, unorganized, which I hate in a store. We were disappointed and left again ;P Then Olga took us over the Brooklyn Bridge by the Subway and we had a great view of the skyline again!
We were all pretty beaten and headed home then. We planned to meet up the next day, the day of our departure, for a Central Park carriage ride. We could have quoted Gambit and Rogue ;)
Sadly, the next morning I called the shuttle service and they only had one slot for us, which was at 10.50 (our plane left at 4.50). So we had to cancel the carriage ride, which really sucked because I had wanted to see more of Central Park.
Also, Olga couldn't make it in time and we had to say our goodbyes over the phone. I just really really hope she can come over soon or we can go back to NYC sometime again. It was great to finally meet her in person and I wanted it to go on, damnit!
So, yes, we left early on the shuttle bus and spent 6 hours in the airport. Also, by then, we were all sick with a cold and feeling awful. I had a headache and a light fever on the plane and couldn't get to sleep even though I was exhausted. The stop in Amsterdam was even worse, because we had to wait about 2 hours for our connecting flight and couldn't get comfortable enough to sleep some. We arrived home at about 9 am, neither having slept any in too long a time. Luckily, Michi's parents were there to pick her up and they dropped us off at home even though it was out of their way.
We went to bed almost instantly, but unlike Tobi, I couldn't sleep much, which carried on the whole weekend. So, I couldn't get over my cold as quick as he did, and spent one week really sick and another feeling better but not well. That was a sucky end to a great experience. Still, let's go again!