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26 February 2007 @ 01:21 pm
VM fic: Interference 1/3 (Veronica, Lilly, Logan, Ensemble) PG13  
Fic: Interference 1/3 (Veronica, Lilly, Logan, Ensemble) PG13

Title: Interference 1/3
Author: Kaze
Pairing/Character: Veronica, Lilly, Logan, Ensemble
Word Count: ~3,300
Rating: PG 13
Summary: sequel to ‘Finger in my pie’ (which you should read to get this one). Veronica gets drawn back into the Kane troubles. One in particular. AU future fic.
Spoilers: Season 1. But AU pre-series.
A/N: I just couldn’t leave well enough alone and had to continue this baby. I hope I can measure up again to the level I set myself with FimP.
As always, thanks to the wonderful fickledame and blue_icy_rose for their beta work.

Being an office aide for a big company must be the most boring job in the world. Unluckily, it is mine for the time being. I rotate in my desk chair, blowing away the hair that has fallen loose from my ponytail and wait – rather impatiently – for something to do. I could use a mental challenge right now, but I’m not greedy, I’d settle for making coffee if it got me out of this stupid chair for five minutes.

Suddenly, a blurred shape leans over my desk. I stop the chair and recognize Chelsea, the arrogant executive assistant of the first floor, who keeps treating me as if I were her personal secretary. Just fucking great.

“Finish up those visitor passes and get them to me by two p.m.,” she bitches. Yes, milady, very good, milady.

The visitor passes to the company are a thing of pure evil. Cards the size of a credit card, they are equipped with a magnetic stripe and a chip that allows security to track every single step of their visitors, feed them for free in the canteen and allow access to restricted areas based on a profile. The evil part? They are to be encased in plastic clip-on cases that has to be cut open so that the cards can be put inside. More than one first aid kit was opened because of those cases.

Still, I smile when taking out my scissors. I was asking for something to do and bingo. I use all my force to try and cut the case open, but, of course, I slip and the tip of the scissor … stabs directly into the chip of one of the visitor passes. Just perfect.


This is my first time to security after my initial check when I started the job. I don’t recognize the guy watching the row of surveillance screens, but he doesn’t look as if he’s had a date since his last girlfriend had a hole and all the air got out. I should be able to make this work…

“Hi, um, sorry, can you help me?” I ask, putting on my best puppy eyes combined with a shy smile. The guy blinks and stares, then suddenly jumps up and is at the counter in the blink of a second. Go, me.

“Yeah, yes, sure. Uh, what can I do for you?” he asks in return, smoothing out the wrinkles in his pants.

“I accidentally went all chainsaw massacre on one of the visitor passes I was supposed to finish up, so I need a replacement,” I said, smiling sweetly.

“No problem, sure. I just need the form and you’re set,” he replies eagerly. I gnaw on my bottom lip, staring at him worriedly.

“See, there’s the problem. I don’t have the authorization to request a new pass. And if I go to my boss to sign the paper, I’ll get fired. You see, she doesn’t like me, she’s just waiting for an excuse to get rid of me. Can you, I don’t know, just give me a new one without the form?”

“I, uh, I really can’t do that,” he stammers and I gnaw my thumbnail as tears start to well up in my eyes. He’s staring at me, panicked that I might lose it, then looks around the room. I think I’ve won.

“Okay, okay,” he whispers, although there’s no one around but us. “But you absolutely can’t tell anybody, okay?”

I squeal and jump up to hug him over the counter as repayment and he blushes.

“Totally, I swear to God,” I say and make a zipper motion over my lips. Blushing guy stares at me for another second, then, obviously distraught, takes out a box from a locked cabinet that contains blank passes. He takes one out and heads for a backroom.

“I just have to encode this one. I’ll be back in a minute,” he says, walking backwards towards the door.

I mouth ‘thank you’ and give him another brilliant smile and he blushes even more. As soon as he’s gone, I try the cabinet. He didn’t lock up again. Score. I find the off switch for the cameras, grab a blank card and get to work.

Blushing guy returns exactly two minutes and 41 seconds later and hands me the card. Thankfully, he doesn’t notice that I’m out of breath. The missing two minutes on the security tapes can be explained with a power glitch. I smile to myself as I leave the company that night for the last time, my camera full of pictures of their newest top secret development, and nobody having any clues that their ideas just left the building.


As I open the door to my office, I’m instantly greeted with a chipper voice.

“Mars Investigations, how can I help you?” my assistant practically sings into the receiver. I smile as I wave at him and enter my office, closing the door behind me. Investigative reporting might have been my first love, but the P.I. business simply paid better. Especially considering my sideshow stints, like the last one, into industrial espionage.

After a short knock, my assistant pokes his head in, not bothering to wait for a reply.

“Your 4 o’clock just cancelled”, he says while handing me my mail. “Oh, and there was a call from…”.

“I come bearing gifts,” an annoying voice interrupts in an overly-cheery tone from the anteroom, dragging the ‘i’ into a singsong. I roll my eyes and Wallace shoots me a sympathetic smile, just as Lilly barges into my office, balancing a multitude of shopping bags and a donut carton that precariously tilts to the side. Wallace instinctively grabs the carton and puts it in the relative safety of my cluttered desk.

“Oh, you’re so sweet, I could dress you up and carry you around in my purse,” Lilly exclaims and pinches Wallace’s cheek. He just shakes his head and moves away.

“I’ll leave you two ladies alone,” he says and closes the door behind him.

“Rowr,” Lilly says with a feral grin. “I could go for him as a secretary.”

“Assistant,” I correct automatically. Then, with a distinct look at the bags: “Weren’t you supposed to be job hunting?”

“You wouldn’t imagine what’s considered proper work attire these days. I practically had to renew my whole wardrobe! But look at this, isn’t this adorable?” Lilly cooed over a very tiny, very flimsy schoolgirl outfit that only resembled an office outfit in the tie hanging around its neck.

“Lilly,” I said as sternly as I could. “ You do remember that you don’t have any money, don’t you?”

You wonder how this came to pass? How Lilly ended up sans credit card and I her reluctant keeper? Well, it seems trouble for me always starts with the ringing of the phone…

I never learn. Seriously, Veronica, you should check the caller ID even if you are preoccupied and stressed out and you can’t tear your eyes from your screen. You never know when your half-sister /ex-best-friend might call. And here I thought I had left the Kane drama behind after my glorious exit off of an almost moving plane into the (not really, but I like to think so) waiting arms of Lilly’s ex. Isn’t that what you call sense of family?

But as it is, I never learn, which led to an uncomfortable (on my part) phone conversation with Lilly and me giving in to her whining (again). Which led to me accompanying Lilly on her furniture hunt. Yes, it’s official. Lilly Kane, eldest daughter of software mogul Jake Kane and wild child of the family decided to move out of the comfy family villa. My heart is virtually breaking.

Too bad that Lilly is absolutely nonviable on her own, as well as all her high society friends, which is why she turned to the only fully fledged girl she knew – me. Leave it to Lil to copy my grand escape.

Of course, Lilly hadn’t counted on either the price or the time of delivery for furniture. And she also hadn’t considered that credit cards only work as long as someone is paying for them. Which is how I ended up on the middle of the floor of Lilly’s new one room apartment, surrounded by ominous parts of Swedish furniture and an instruction sheet with many funny pictures but no actual information on it.

Considering the circumstances, my newly-escaped half-sister was as cheery as can be, excitedly digging through the cartons and packages, making an even bigger chaos.

“This is gonna be so awesome! No more Celeste cramping my style. I’m so gonna rock this!” she said with glowing cheeks. I looked at my hands for a while.

“You owe me two thousand dollars for the furniture,” I said, then got up and left. When I returned the next day, Lilly had already charmed her neighbour into setting up all the stuff she bought with my money. That’s Lilly Kane for you.

“… this would be a total blast. Come on, V, you know you need me here. We could be like Charlie’s Angels, we just have to find some butch boots for Wallace.”

What? What the hell have I missed here during my trip down memory lane?

“What the hell are you talking about?” Yeah, real subtle, Mars. But I couldn’t help it, I felt fear creeping up my spine.

“You know I need this job, Veronica, I can’t do anything else. My only alternative is writing a book about my cockface of a father who was willing to kill me to save his pathetic little existence and do the talk show and PR angle. I don’t want to end up like this, Veronica. Some washed-up has-been in my twenties. I can only be a celebrity as long as I don’t need to be one. I can’t let myself be that… cheap.” Lilly looked me straight in the eye, all signs of her chipper mood gone.

I could feel my mouth hanging open and shut it with an audible click. I wasn’t used to an earnest Lilly. And she did have a point. Compared to celebrities like Paris Hilton and such, who only lived off of her famous name (okay, and the family wealth), Lilly had one advantage: class. If she lost that she might as well scratch ‘fabulousness’ off of her flag, relish her fifteen minutes and disappear into oblivion, with the obligatory desperate tries to hold onto her former fame. Unbidden, a picture of Trina Echolls rose before my inner eyes and I knew I couldn’t let it get that far, no matter how much I still blamed Lilly for the decisions she made as a teenager.

But she had somehow proven herself better than those vapid girls when she made a stand against our father after I had revealed his schemes, hadn’t she? No matter how half-baked her plan had been. Oh God, I couldn’t actually be considering…

“Wallace has a surveillance job tonight. I assume you could tag along and see what you can learn. But remember: he’s in charge and you’re the apprentice,” I finished in a stern voice.

Lilly squealed and clapped her hands.

“You’re not gonna regret this, V!” Lilly jumped up and was around my desk to hug me within the blink of an eye. Yeah, sure….


There were some advantages in my line of work. Like a certain… experience in breaking and entering. No matter where the target checked in, I could track them. And I could get into every hotel room I wanted. Be it by simply charming the concierge or complicated lock picking complete with a stealthy entrance and elaborate costumes.

This hotel room was no different and I couldn’t contain my grin as I slipped inside, not turning on the lights in case they’d be visible under the door crack.

‘Mmm, tasteful,’ I thought as I ran my gloved fingers appreciatively over supple leather and polished marble. The room was tidy, giving away no signs of life except for a closed suitcase in the corner, next to a wardrobe that I didn’t have to check to know was empty. The whole place was anonymous and cold. I knew I had found the right room. With a sly grin, I made my way to the bathroom.

About one hour later, my skin was already shrivelled from the hot water and the candles had almost burned down. Then, I heard the lock click and a tall shadow appeared in the bathroom doorframe.

“Well, well, well. What do we have here? And I thought this would be a safe hotel for once,” Logan drawled and I felt shivers running down my spine despite the steaming hot water.

“Naaah,” I replied and scrunched my nose up in that way I knew he couldn’t resist while sliding deeper into the tub.

“Did the bellboy fall hopelessly in love with you or did you manage to get in without breaking too many hearts this time?” he asked while casually striding closer and crouching down next to the tub. He ran a careless hand through the bubbly water, as if testing the temperature.

“Do you care?” I shot back, rising one eyebrow in challenge. I had to act quickly, while I was still on my adrenaline and victory-induced high. Just like the smart boy he was, Logan got the drift and pulled me out of the bathtub with one swift motion and carried me to the bedroom.


I knew that I wasn’t being fair. I was hiding behind the truths I had revealed, wrapping them around me like a blanket while I let myself curl up in a dark corner of my mind. I offered Logan some crumbs, a meaningless shadow of what could be, all because I knew that he would never, could never push me.

The tale of my lost innocence had shocked him deeper than he let on and every twitch of mine, every flicker of possible panic in my eyes made him pull back in an attempt to soothe me. He willingly lived off the meagre crumbs I offered while lavishing me with a feast of his attention. I couldn’t help the feeling of relief, of breathing easy when he surrendered all that power to me.

As I said, I knew that I wasn’t being fair.

After what had happened with Jake’s PR gig gone wrong, I had noticed one thing. I thrived on adrenaline. Or rather, I thrived on the feeling of power when I outsmarted someone. The rush of perfect exhilaration, the excitement that vibrated through my nerves. It was the only way I could let go of my inhibitions and give my body freely. When I wasn’t Veronica Mars, victim, but Sydney Bristow, spy extraordinaire, or Catwoman, the feline villain. I was a thief, a spy, a hero, a con-woman, whatever gave me the necessary rush. Most of all, I was a seductress.

So, yeah, Logan did get something out of our arrangement. More than anyone before him ever had. But I knew I couldn’t give him what he wanted. Hell, it was an effort on my side to stay until sunrise, let alone have breakfast with him. Slowly, I became comfortable with staying even after the rush had worn off, talking to him some, maybe even letting him hold me while doing so. I knew it wasn’t enough for him, enough of a commitment from my side. Sometimes, things were tense, when I could tell that he had trouble holding back, when his temper was getting the best of him and when I was feeling especially squirmy and thrumming with the need to just breathe.

Tonight wasn’t like one of those nights. Tonight, Logan laughed so hard that my head bounced off his chest when I told him about hiring Lilly.

“Like you weren’t a sucker for her puppy look,” I grumbled half good-naturedly, half annoyed at him for thinking my decision was that ridiculous. Which I knew it was. Damn it.

“Oh, I can just imagine her work ethics. ‘Well, Mr Smith. Do you really want to find out if your wife’s cheating on you? I mean, where’s the fun in that? You should so totally pay her back’,” he simpered in a falsetto, complete with a wink and puckered lips. I hit him on the chest, even though I couldn’t suppress a grin at his performance.

“Dork,” I said and he kissed the tip of my nose, “I think she really means it this time. She was … desperate.”

“Let’s not talk about Lilly,” Logan mumbled, his face buried in my neck.

“I should go,” I whispered, a little breathless. His grip on my hips tightened for an eye blink.

“Don’t,” he said. I complied.


The next morning, I was in a bad mood when I entered the office. The sun was too bright and my shades too cheap to really protect my eyes and the loud music blaring from the office really didn’t help my headache. I let myself in through the glass entrance door to see Lilly, in the shortest skirt I’d ever seen, dancing to some disgustingly cheery music while filing away a batch of manila folders. I let the door slam close to alert her of my presence. And state of mind.

Lilly looked up and brightened immediately.

“V! Hello! You won’t believe it! I was sooo awesome yesterday. Wallace even let me take the money shot!” Lilly jumped up and down and probably would have hugged me to join her if I hadn’t extended my arm to keep her away.

“Yeah, okay, where is Wallace anyway,” I asked.

“He just left to have the pictures from last night developed,” Lilly replied, all chatty.

“Coffee,” I asked, rubbing the bridge of my nose. Lilly’s face fell.

“You forgot,” I whined. Wallace always had a coffee ready for me when I arrived. He wouldn’t have forgotten to tell her.

“I’m sorry, I thought I had some more time before you arrived. We can get one right now,” she added hopefully. With a sigh, I picked up my bag again and made for the door, Lilly on my heels.

The sun attacked me again in full force as soon as I left the office building. Lilly linked arms with me and dragged me towards the coffee shop on the opposite side of the street while I tried in vain to focus my sight again. Suddenly, I felt a shiver on my spine and the fine hair on my neck stood up. I had an intense feeling of being watched and I whirled around, just as we’d reached the sidewalk on the other side of the street. I’d forgotten all about Lilly, who, caught by surprise, was pulled around in a half circle around me by the force of my turn. She stumbled and caught herself on the hood of a parked car, mere moments before she’d have fallen on the floor.

“What the hell, Veronica?” Lilly yelled, but I barely heard her. My eyes were fixed on the roof of my office building, where I would bet I’d just seen a shadow, although I couldn’t be sure thanks to the glaring sun. Confused and feeling just a little bit sick, I turned around, just to stop short all over again. In the parked car next to me, right where we would have been had I not whirled us around, was a perfect little hole in the body. And it was still smoking.


A/N2: Feedback is very welcome, constructive criticism is cherished.
Shane: there will never be a better kisshavemy_heart on February 26th, 2007 06:38 pm (UTC)
I had to reread the first one to remind myself what happened, but I'm so glad you're continuing it. I'm really nervous about Veronica and Logan though. I want everything to work out for them so badly after the way the first story ended. How long after the first story does this take place?

And Lilly is back with all of her mischievous shenanigans. Cool that Veronica became a PI and that Wallace is her assistant. And who was shooting at them? Can't wait to read more :-)
dasq_kazedasq_kaze on March 1st, 2007 05:57 am (UTC)
Thanks for reviewing!
This takes place a couple of months after FimP, so Veronica is not yet that settled down as a P.I.
Well, Veronica did announce that she and Logan would crash and burn, so we'll just have to wait and see how it turns out ;)
But don't worry, I'm in a writing mood recently, so it shouldn't be too long until chapter 2 :)
Starbuck: my own drum my own beat lillyworldwasasong on February 26th, 2007 07:39 pm (UTC)
Shooter: Clarence Weidman, on Jake or Celeste's orders--or both.

Lilly: totally going to make trouble.

Logan/Veronica: Will probably end up together, though not without some angst first. And hey, maybe they won't...I like the suspense.

This story is so creepy/dark/noir, yet SO good. Well-written, plus there are Kanes involved! I'm a sucker for Kane-related stories, especially future fic AUs. I really like this. Can't wait for part two!
dasq_kazedasq_kaze on March 1st, 2007 06:00 am (UTC)
Thank you! I always try to add some noir touch to my stories, so I'm always happy when someone points that out.
Oh, and you're right in 1-1,5 of your theories ;)
Thanks for reading!
Starbuckworldwasasong on March 1st, 2007 06:46 am (UTC)
right in ? of my theories? I'm confused, :).
dasq_kazedasq_kaze on March 3rd, 2007 07:36 am (UTC)
Well, you had one about the shooter, one about Lilly and one about L/V ;)
Mustang Sallyzeldafitzgerald on February 26th, 2007 10:07 pm (UTC)
This is so great. I had somehow missed the first story so not only did I get to read the beginning of what I'm sure will be a great WIP, but I also was exposed to "Finger in My Pie." And that was a great story, so double kudos.
dasq_kazedasq_kaze on March 1st, 2007 06:01 am (UTC)
Heh, double thanks ;)
Well, FimP was some time ago, I guess you'd have to reread it now anyways (I sure had to, and I wrote it ;P)
love4ever666love4ever666 on February 26th, 2007 11:35 pm (UTC)
Don't you just hate when peole try to kill you, it usually doesn't bode well. Can't wait for the next part.
dasq_kazedasq_kaze on March 1st, 2007 06:02 am (UTC)
Yeah, it's so annoying ;)
More will come soon
storytellers lie.storytellerslie on February 27th, 2007 01:53 am (UTC)
ooooh, I loved "Finger in My Pie"! I can't wait to read the rest of this!
dasq_kazedasq_kaze on March 1st, 2007 06:03 am (UTC)
Thank you!
I'll try to hurry, I have too many half-finished stories and WIPs out there, it's driving me crazy ;P
Lalala623 on February 27th, 2007 04:44 am (UTC)
This is really good...I like that she's trying with Lilly...and I like that she's still kinda with Logan and with her issues...that ending gave me goosebumps!!! So good! Can't wait to read more!
dasq_kazedasq_kaze on March 1st, 2007 06:04 am (UTC)
Wow, goosebumps, thanks ;)
There will be a lot of Veronica / Lilly interaction in the next chapter and we'll see some of what drives them both, so stay tuned.
(Anonymous) on February 27th, 2007 08:46 am (UTC)
So happy you decided to write a sequel. I Loved 'Finger in my pie'. And this was an interesting chapter. I'm intrigued. Can't wait to read more.
dasq_kazedasq_kaze on March 1st, 2007 06:05 am (UTC)
Thank you!
More will come soon!
(Anonymous) on February 28th, 2007 09:17 am (UTC)
I'm so glad you countinued this fic! And what a great continuation it's already starting to be. I'm glad everything is not perfectly alright with Logan and Veronica, but i am even more glad that the Veronica in this story clearly has the ability to work it all out with him. Great chapter - i loved lily! - and i can't wait to read more.
dasq_kazedasq_kaze on March 1st, 2007 06:07 am (UTC)
Oh, there will be some conflict there, so don't absolve this Veronica just yet ;)
Thanks for reading!
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