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1 July
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I'm the incredibly more talented, prettier and more creative better half of dasq. Ow! Mizu! Stop hitting me! What are you doing with that sword? Put that right back down! Um, okay, I lied, okay? HELP!
What else? I started writing fanfiction 1999 in the X-Men fandom. I used to be somewhat of a Rogue / Gambit shipper, though I've never been much of a shipper in any fandom... I also wrote fics for animes, Star Trek, Space: Above and Beyond, Once a Thief that I never finished or posted anywhere...
I took a break from writing during college due lack of motivation, but my current obsession, Veronica Mars, made me want to write again. Maybe now I'll even get around to finish some of my X-Men WIPs ;P
I'm a TV and movie whore and I could actually live a happy life inside a cinema, but they keep kicking me out...
For instance, I used to obsess over Roswell (until early season 3), Alias (until early season 4), Buffy (until late season 6), Angel (except season 4), Dark Angel's first season, various animes and *gasp* Dawson's Creek for a VERY short time ^^'
Also, I used to be a trekkie and generally a sci-fi geek and, of course, a big comic fan. Meaning everything X-Men, the fabulous works of David Mack (mostly Kabuki), Witchblade, some of Michael Turner's art and several manga. My favorite these days is the amazing Runaways by Vaughan, which would be a serious contestant to Veronica Mars for my devotion if the digests would come out faster >_<

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